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My journey begins

Your perfect opportunity to invest in real estate in Mauritius…Feel unique at Mt Piton and live to express it

Discover something different…

Take a deep breath and observe the surroundings that make it so special… mountains, sugar cane fields and an astounding view of the blue lagoon providing close contact with nature.

Such a panoramic sight will hint towards seclusion, tranquillity and ultimate peace of mind. Yet, you will still be in an accessible environment that promises the highest standard of living. This is Mont Piton, this is where your journey begins….

Quick Summary

  • Green spaces, playground
  • Sports, recreational facilities
  • Leisure areas
  • Great accessibility from the motorway
  • Gated community
  • Unique view
  • Flexible cahier de charge
  • Alteo's vision of Smart City

Client Testimonials

C'est avec beaucoup d'emotions je dois avouer que je redige ces quelques mots à votre encontre en effet je tiens à vous remercier pour m'avoir dans un premier temps conseillé et guidé tout au long de cette acquisition. ​
Mont Piton est pour moi une acquisition de premier choix je recherchais un terrain dans le nord avec toutes les infrastructures de qualité, en toute sécurité et ce projet a rempli tous mes criteres.​
Je vous remercie pour le travail fourni, et ne manquerai pas de vanter les merites de ce projet a mon entourage.​
Bonne continuation​
Meera. M

I am happy to say a few words about Mont Piton estate. My husband and I have been living here for only a couple of years while our daughters moved into the estate a few years before. We all love it and feel privileged to be owners of such a beautiful place. ​
Surrounded by nature, the air is pure and waking up to the stunning view of the mountains and ocean is always such a delight . Mont Piton is calm and peaceful so we feel safe at all times with security staff members who are so friendly and always ready to help. ​
From all the places we have lived in, Mont Piton is by far the one we cherish the most.​
Warm regards,​
Danie S.

Tips and Advice

Why is nature an integral part of Mont Piton 2's concept?
The success of any development relies on the combination of good planning which combines ease of access and circulation, strong architectural design and an envelope of landscaping. The benefits of living in a green environment are becoming ever more apparent and Mont Piton 2 has a generous proportion of passive open space which will run through the development. The plant palette is a combination of endemic plants and those which are suited to the local micro-climate of the area.

What facilities have been planned for residents?
Residents will have access to large Private Open Spaces which are distributed across the development which cater for both passive recreation, including picnics and social gatherings under pergola’s and active recreation in the form of an outdoor gym, a tennis court and a multi-sport court where games such as basketball and volleyball can be enjoyed. The estate has an extensive walking/running trail of at least 3km which allows residents to exercise in the safety of the secure estate.

How does Mont Piton 2's concept balance privacy and social interaction?
The landscape planning and the many open spaces provide a variety of social spaces where families and friends can meet and unwind. The infrastructure landscaping is planned in such a way as to provide privacy to the homeowners while protecting views out of the site. Privacy hedges and tree planting in selected positions aim to nestle the homes into the landscaping in a sensitive way, which when supported by the individual home designs will encourage both privacy and the ability to engage with your neighbours.

How are the landscape and housing designs cohesive?
The estate has comprehensive guidelines which aim to ensure that the final development product is harmonious combination of homes in a parkland setting. These guidelines give homeowners an insight into the landscaping vision and empower residents to develop their own private garden spaces to compliment the Private Open Space gardens.

Is the concept behind Mont Piton 2's landscape different from that of Mont Piton 1?
The landscaping should be seen as a continuation of the semi-established gardens of the neighbouring estate. But recognizing that the two projects are quite unique in terms of their layout. The planting palette extends the success of structure palm and tree planting within a rolling parkland setting.

Why would you recommend Mont Piton 2?
Mont Piton 2 is located in a prime position in the north of the island with excellent access to all the offerings of the region. The elevated position of the estate offers views to the sea and surrounding rolling cane fields, which when combined with the facilities of the estate including security and recreation makes this a property investment not to miss.

How to choose your future plot of land?

1. Location:
Choose a plot which is close to all main amenities such as schools, shops and hospitals.

2. Security:
Opt for a secured environment which guarantees your peace of mind.

3. Utilities
Make sure that the land has water and electricity facilities installed. This saves you money and time.

4. Price:
Research and think properly. Ensure that you are not being overcharged, but that you are buying at market value.

5. High Growth Areas:
Buy your land in areas that will potentially develop over time to ensure that your investment is worthwhile.