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Mt Piton
Embrace nature’s exquisite beauty
Located in the quieter park spaces, two gazebos will be provided for the exclusive use of residents. Meet your friends or family for a picnic, surrounded by shaded trees, palms and gardens filled with exciting colourful flowers, in a tranquil and comfortable setting.
Convenient and safe play areas
A second, more secluded play zone is to be constructed beneath magnificent existing trees, allowing children of all ages to be lost in an enchanted forest with the comfort of safety and security for the parents. A pavilion will be constructed with ablution facilities located nearby the shaded play park for the convenience of parents and children alike.

Activity & Leisure park

Situated conveniently near the gatehouse, the active recreation space includes tennis and an outdoor gym circuit for all ages. Shaded climbing frames, swings and a secure play area provide entertainment for the younger residents, providing relaxing and exciting outdoor activities for all ages. Large lawn areas are framed with a mixture of shaded trees and palms and combinations of colourful plants to excite the senses. This park connects with the overall estate leisure routes in addition.

A second activity zone is located within the estate and contains a multi-purpose sports court where a range of sports such as volleyball, basketball and 5-a-side football can be played, set in a lush tropical garden, and located on the leisure route to link you with the rest of the estate.

The right elements for a healthy lifestyle!
A jogging track of 3.5 km circles the residential estate and will be an invitation to walk or run amidst stunning sceneries; lookout for an unparalleled experience! This arteria is part of the estate’s safe and physically stimulating footpath system.
Energise the mind and body
Surpass boundaries! At Mont Piton, the eco-friendly outdoor gym will encourage healthier lifestyles. Fresh outdoor air and natural light surrounded by palm trees, verdure and flowers will energise both mind and body.
Greener for a purpose
The main avenue will be planted with a combination of trees and palms which line the footpath network that allows for circulation around the estate. Together with the planting of boundary walls with creepers, the homes will be set in a garden estate, while preserving views out from the houses through careful placement of trees and palms.

Architectural Guidelines

Treed avenues leading to different neighbourhoods are interconnected within the generously landscaped environment and provide the perfect setting for different plots.

Mont Piton 2 envisages developing a residential estate where the timeless beauty of Mauritian architecture is embodied within a distinct archetype defined by a blend of contemporary forms and traditional characteristics.

A Mauritian vernacular house has fundamental elements; more distinctively recognisable with a prominent pitched roof design and the defining element of the verandah. The verandah is the perfect transitional space between the house and the garden space which protects from rain, allows openings to remain unclosed in all weathers and protects from direct sunlight.

The basic dwelling comprises of contemporary forms using a mix of rendered walls, stone cladding and timber elements with a distinctive pitched roof. A recessed hipped roof to the main body of the house offers the perfect blending component to bring in a contemporary interpretation of the traditional vernacular house.

The aim at Mont Piton 2 is to encourage the creation of a shared vision amongst the plot owners. The project guidelines have been defined to enable each plot owner to find his/her own identity within a structured, and yet carefully crafted set up to create a harmonious development that will complement the tropical country setting.

The project also subscribes to the principles of sustainable architecture and encourages the use of solar heating, recycling of waste including composting of green refuse, installation of greywater irrigation systems and natural ventilation of the house.

Build your dream house!